H Dreyer & Associates excels in offering bookkeeping and accounting services to our clients so that they can focus on their core business functions, safe in the knowledge that this important business procedure is well looked after. 

Through our dedicated team, combined with our experience we are able to provide bookkeeping services to clients of various sizes and locations.

The difficult economic environment that currently exists makes it even more necessary to appoint a bookkeeping services organisation that is established, and has a history of delivering for clients.

By selecting one of the premier bookkeeping services, in H Dreyer and Associates, you will have an extremely experienced partner able to offer you expert advice and execute tasks to the highest level. We strive hard to develop a long term bookkeeping and accounting service relationship with our clients which is built on understanding, trust and respect.   This ensures that we have a complete understanding of your business.

We do monthly bookkeeping, provisional tax as well as income tax for registered estate agents.

We also do monthly payslips, EMP201, EMP501, Return of Earnings, Workman’s Compensation & IRP5.

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Payroll services

Avoid the administration headaches. Let the experts take care of your payroll!

We understand and respect the value you place on your payroll expectations. Having a team of remuneration services experts who actually know intimately the methods, regulations and legislation you must conform to within the context of your business and staff requirements can make life a whole lot easier for you.

Our team of experts provide a full payroll service that includes:

  • Collation of input
  • Processing payroll input
  • Reconciling all Company and other deductions
  • Generating payslips (laser printed or electronic)
  • Effecting salary transfers (EFT’s) on behalf of Client
  • Creating/compiling all salary related reports (all laser printed or electronic)
  • Making Statutory and sundry payments on behalf of Client
  • Submitting Statutory UIF data electronically to the Commissioner
  • Keep and updating records of leave and leave provisions
  • Providing for annual bonuses
  • Reconciling and issuing of IRP5 and IT3A’s at tax year end
  • Completing Workmen’s Compensation annual return and submit timeously
  • Handling of tax related issues
  • Consulting on an ad-hoc basis

We also manage all communication with SARS, UIF, and WCA departments with a specialised knowledge of current legislation and changes in procedures that the business manager generally doesn’t have time to keep abreast of.

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