Hi eFiler

The 2017 tax filing season is now open! You’re now able to file your tax return for the period of 1 March 2016 to 28 February 2017. With H Dreyer & Associates, your undisputed tax professionals, you’ll get your tax return done with confidence: quickly, easily and correctly.

4 of the benefits of filing with Us:

  1. Maximum chance of refund
    76% of our users got a tax refund from SARS in 2016. Why not maximise your chances this year?
  2. You’re in safe hands
    Have a tax question? Ask one of our tax experts any time on our dedicated helpdesk.
  3. Help if you get audited
    If it happens, we’ll show you what documents you need and guide you step-by-step.
  4. No chance of mistakes
    We personnally check your inputs and a tax practitioner reviews each submission.

With all that said, we hope you now know why the best way to do tax in 2017 is to let us help you!